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EcoAmmo is our partner for IPD Facilitation as well as sustainable design consulting. We were delighted to work with EcoAmmo on their home at the priMED Mosaic Centre, Edmonton’s first LEED Platinum commercial development that achieved net zero energy use.

avid architecture

Avid Architecture are collaborators for architectural explorations and building development. We appreciate their like-minded philosophy of collaboration and client engagement.

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Red-5 Lean Performance

Red-5 Lean Performance is our partner for Lean training and coaching. Avel Espiritu from Red-5 also can trace his career back to the priMED Mosaic Centre. This project initiated our Lean journey.


Revolve Engineering

Jacob Komar provided the design for the geoexchange system at the priMED Mosaic Centre. He also creates an impressive presentation on how our addiction to high carbon fuels creates a high cost risk to building owners, not just the envorinomental impact to our world.



Amelie actually provided the air blower test and modeling required for the EnerGuide rating for the Beverly Heights House. We collaborate on building science, energy and ideas for making residential construction better for our world.